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soufflesforgallifrey replied to your post: wait. you named your laptop after David Tennat’s cock?

Well it seemed like a good joke at the time. But then I forgot that the PC’s name shows up on the network, and my dad’s asked me why it’s named that and I can’t very well say I named it after a 42-year-old actor’s dingdong.

steampunk-honey replied to your post: Um are you sure this is a show you want to be watching with your parents.

Excuse you it’s hilarious British humor. I’ve seen several episodes with my dad and we’re just cackling away during the challenges. It’s safe, honestly, but yeah. Oh dear.

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* i am regretting this decision * but i can't change the pc name because that would required a reset * this is the story of how i died * steampunkhoney * soufflesforgallifrey * amobt

  • sleeplys-cuz-tennant said: ….so what *did* you tell your parents it meant?
  • rudennotgingr said: Laughing so hard. No offense ;) AND Top Gear is amazing! The American version isn’t nearly as funny.
  • steampunkwyn said: ummmm i don’t think you gave some of these life choices due consideration
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