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holy-tardisofgallifrey replied to your post: Jess are you sure you know what you’re getting into right now.

It may be the lack of sleep from the past three days talking, but I always know what I’m talking about.

And as for you I’d be glad I’m willing to look past this rather than slowly sending you to your death

soufflesforgallifrey replied to your post: how the hell did this turn into a threesome lmao

Why, would you care to expand it to four?

  reblog   11 months ago  Wednesday May 15
* never listen to me when i'm drunk * and by drunk i mean running on like three hours sleep * maybe that much * holytardisofgallifrey * soufflesforgallifrey * amobt

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    Excuse me.
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    Well in that case!
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    Might as well make it a blown out orgy at this rate.
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