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Anonymous asked: Do you hear the people sing singing of you and sarah too. It is a cadence that we shippers love, please keep in public view. When the beating of your heart echoes poor Hailey's scared quaking it is a sign that you should skip to the makeup sex...

You shippers have been belting out your chorus for hours today. Certainly your throats are getting sore by now.

And by makeup sex, do you mean with the wife or with Hailey. Or I suppose we could ignite the fuels of shippers with a quick threesome.


  reblog   11 months ago  Wednesday May 15
* no but seriously what happened today??? * i just came on to flings and affairs and oh my * anon * amobt * a carrier pigeon flew into my inbox

  • steampunkwyn said: WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE THAT GIF
  • holy-tardisofgallifrey said: Jess are you sure you know what you’re getting into right now.
  • soufflesforgallifrey said: how the hell did this turn into a threesome lmao
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